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No, this isn’t a post about ants, or weird critters invading your garden, it’s about the other visitors, the friends and family who stop by when you least expect it.

Where I grew up, this happened quite a lot. Life was a little more impromptu; appointments were rarely made, and there was usually a cup of tea and a biscuit involved. We had long afternoons of catching up, and lots of time forgetting about all the other things we were “supposed” to be doing.

Now, I find I still do that with a lot of my friends; a cup of coffee turns into three hours, and a quick hello is spent discussing politics, the newest lipstick, or just picking a big bunch of flowers.

This month, I had several unexpected visitors on my doorstep. My friends know me, and nothing makes me happier than to stop what I am doing, and spend time with someone I care about. One morning, I woke up to a beautiful purple hydrangea on my doorstop. My friend couldn’t stay, but I ran out in my nightgown to say thank you. It was the loveliest way to start off my day! Other times, I have been surprised with vegetables from someones garden, and, earlier in the year, I got warm, fresh-picked strawberries.

Usually we find time for a cup of tea, or at least a chat on the doorstep, and it reminds me of what I want my world to be like; it is comforting, nourishes my soul, and makes the difficult pieces seem a whole lot sweeter. If it is a planned visit, I will try to make a cake, some quick scones, or run to the farm market for something sweet. Of course, this can’t always happen, but as long as I stop what I am doing, and make people feel welcome, the effect is still the same. (I never want anyone to think they are interrupting my day, tapping my feet waiting for them to leave).

I think, if you find the world is becoming to busy, and you’re not happy about it, it is nice to try and focus on spending more time with other people. Invite a dear friend for cake (even if you’ve never made one – give it a try) or talk to that person that you always see in the supermarket. I became friends with someone once next to the tomatoes. I told her I really liked her dress, and we started talking about vintage clothing and flea markets. We exchanged email addresses, and quickly became shopping friends.

When you invite more people into your life, it can help you slow down, and appreciate what you have. Studies show that we are becoming less connected, and much more impatient with each other. Dropping off an unexpected gift, or sharing a cup of something, won’t solve the problems of the world, but it will definitely lower your blood pressure, and increase your happiness quotient. (Health and happiness, what more do you need? …. )

Lemonade Scones are a favorite New Zealand classic. The photograph and recipe are from Fresh. I find that original, fizzy lemonade (Sprite etc) or ginger-ale, work best. 

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