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The Television, The Room and The Armoire

Do you remember when Televisions started to get bigger? When we all wanted one, but didn’t want to see them when they were turned off? Their size, and bulk, dominating wherever they were placed? Too heavy for a small table, everyone struggled with what to do once they had bought one.

As quickly as they appeared, Furniture manufacturers came up with a solution. The entertainment Armoire; an  even bigger piece of furniture that enclosed our new purchase, and hid it away until we decided to turn it on. Not the best solution really. Yes, it hid the Television, but it created another problem – where to put the new piece of furniture. Entire walls and corners were filled with an often overwhelmingly large, wooden structure.

What seemed like a necessity for most homes, became obsolete quite quickly, as Televisions got larger and larger. They also became thinner, and we no longer needed to accommodate their bulk into our decorating plans. Before we knew it, the Television had outgrown the Armoire; it was dismantled, or set aside in a basement, waiting for goodness-knows-what. Many of them were expensive, and still in great condition, so we were reluctant to throw them away.

I really believe that we should re-use things if we can. If not, maybe it can be donated, and someone else would appreciate it all over again? But, until you decide what to do, why not try one of these solutions for that fleeting, but usefully wooden, piece of Television history.

  1. A perfect pantry or extra storage in your Kitchen.

  2. Small closet for a baby.

  3. Take the doors off and use it as a bookshelf. 

  4. Remove all of the shelves, add a hanging rod at the top, and use it in a Mudroom or Entrance hall for coats and gloves etc.

  5. Easy storage for games and crafts (leave the doors on?)  

  6. Put your sewing machine in there, and store all of your threads and fabric.

  7. A Home Office. Your computer would easily fit. Cork-board glued to the inside of the doors would be useful, and there would be plenty of space for files etc.

Here are a few photographs to get you inspired…

Sanded and whitewashed, a very elegant solution for an after dinner drink.

Who doesn’t need more room in their Kitchen? As a pantry, or just to store those extra bits and pieces, this is perfect.

For a baby, or a children’s room, this gives you just the right amount of space.

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