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T’was The Week Before Christmas…

T’was the week before Christmas, and all through the town,

Credit cards were up and bank balances were down.

With the season of Giving getting into full swing,

The Children were wondering what Santa would bring.

Shopping malls were filled from morning till night,

As Everyone tried to find something “just right”.

Houses were decorated, Menorah’s were lit,

After too many snacks our clothes didn’t quite fit.

People were travelling, Cookies were made,

Presents to be wrapped and the table to be laid.

For some a religion, for many a Belief,

For some, when it’s over, a huge relief.

The Holidays remind us of who we have lost,

Of what we have Done, and was there a cost?

Will promise to be better and have more direction,

Life doesn’t come with a warranty or extended protection.

Back to Shopping, in case we haven’t thought of it all,

Maybe we have to drive back to the Mall?

We concentrate too hard on doing things well,

Are we having Fun yet? Who can tell.

Christmas Carols, parties and trees that are faux,

Not enough Time, so we decide not to go.

It all seems so much, too many to Please,

We lose our marbles, and then lose our keys.

The Children are happiest when they are with Us,

So forget the shopping and forget all the fuss.

Spend time with Family and Friends that are dear,

Do what you Want and Enjoy each New Year!

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