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Invisible Clutter

Just when you thought that you had read everything you could about clutter, along comes another kind ….. invisible clutter. So, now, as well as that pile of bills and scrunched up clothing that live permanently in the bottom of your laundry basket, there are things cluttering up your home that you didn’t even know were there!

But, this is the easy clutter, the stuff that we can hide, or get rid of without any emotional attachment; it’s not sentimental or overwhelming, but it does clutter up our homes unnecessarily. My thought is, that the workhorses of our home, the boring everyday things that we need, should be simple and classic, almost invisible, but still hardworking and reliable.

We all know that it takes just as much time to buy clear dish soap, as it does to buy the orange, but the orange yells at us from the supermarket shelf, and (unbeknownst to us) comes home and adds just another layer of clutter to our kitchen. It sounds so daft, but just give it a try; take away the orange soap for a moment, and see what a difference it makes. You should be drawn to something beautiful, fun or interesting in your kitchen, not a plastic bottle of neon orange liquid.

Of course, if you adore the scent of the orange soap (or you have an orange kitchen) I would never suggest that you change, but if you have some wiggle room, and do feel like your home needs a little less stuff in it, just try to simplify the look of the things that you use every day. Let the mundane blend into the background, and leave the fancy colors and patterns for the real decorations …

p.s. Don’t you just love the invisible vase floating in the main photograph?

The other photographs are from: Common Good and Co (dish soap) Apartment Therapy (toilet paper) Antique Farmhouse (soap dishes) Land of Nod (garbage can) Pinterest (towels)

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