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Industrial Thoughts

Although I live in an old fashioned house, my heart palpitates with the thought of Industrial spaces that have been turned into homes (or, at the very least, spaces that mimic this idea). I think it is my love of opposites that fuels this fascination with hard, factory pieces juxtaposed with warm, organic life.

I still stop the car when I see abandoned factories; their sad history, and complex use of man-made components, makes me wonder about how they were made, and why they are now left alone. Metal, in various forms, has been around for many years, but wasn’t used in mass production until the 19th century, when inventors found ways to harness the complicated elements and make them into various materials of strength. I can’t pretend to understand the science that goes on behind it, but I did just look it up (am being honest), and, really, it is pretty amazing to know that something so natural can be manipulated into being such a powerful part of our infrastructure.

Once, so expensive, the process is now simple, and most metals are available for everyone to buy. Which makes me wonder about homes that embrace an Industrial influence. Too much metal, and the home will appear to be cold, but, with just a hint, the space will automatically become more interesting. Traditional iron pieces, like birdcages and hooks, are easily added to a home, but what if you want to go a little further?

Designers have fully embraced this trend, and have provided us with many options to bring into our homes. Here are just a few of them to help you bring a little bit of the Industrial look into your life (without feeling as if you need a blow torch or an extra large sewing machine).

Many old factories are being explored, their contents repurposed for household  use; perfect for books, gloves, or even pantry items in the kitchen (coat in polyurethene, just in case).

Storage and a surface at the same time; this small table, made of a wire basket  and an old cupboard door, is useful in any room!

Stainless Steel is a practical choice for any style of home. However,  it is not for the faint-hearted, its beauty grows more with every scratch!

An old file cabinet can become your new file cabinet…

A trough, with a wooden top and a sink added, becomes a great focal point.

The perfect combination of simplicity – glass, metal and light!

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