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Decoratively Speaking.

Sometimes, we are reluctant to give up the much-loved items that we covet. We become disorganized collectors of things that we simply must have (and keep). But, for many of us, excess can be just another reason to decorate!

Postcards, jewelry, notes-to-self, cd’s. Anything (but shampoo) can go in the pockets of this shower curtain.

Keep what you have, but be creative. Often, interesting (and decorative) solutions can be found for the same price as a hum-drum piece of rubbish. Don’t hide things away in boxes or cupboards. If you love it, show it…

Don’t throw a favorite cup away, use it. You are recycling, and getting daily pleasure at the same time.

Justify the splurge by using it in-between cake time. It’s the perfect place for keys, watches or loose change.

Over the door storage isn’t just for coats. Hang towels,shoes,  necklaces, belts, ties, dog leashes….

If your cup collection has grown bigger than your cabinet, hang them up.

Bowls are a clutterers best friend. Small things fit inside perfectly.

A ladder propped against a wall is a shelf that can hold far more than you think. 

Wine on the wall. How convenient.

20 perfect little cubbies to put things in. Absolutely anything.

Sources: (shower curtain) (cubby, cup hooks and over-the-door hanger).  (wine storage) The other items are used/vintage from stock images.

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