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A Floor Update and More DIY

I have been getting lots of questions about the Living Room floor that I finished with Safflower Oil the other week, so I thought I would answer them, and give you a quick update.

Did your house smell of oil, and were the floors sticky afterwards? The Living Room smelled slightly for a couple of days, but it wasn’t bad at all, because I used safflower oil which is almost odor-less. The floors had a bit of oil residue for a couple of days while it soaked in, but not enough to be greasy (and I did buff the floor again the next day). How do the floors look now? Has it lasted? They still look great! It soaked in completely by about the third day, and the darker color is still there. Anything that you don’t like about it?

No. It seems almost embarrassing – it took hardly any time at all, cost less than five dollars, and my floors look the best they have in over fifteen years. What about the pets? 

The dog stopped licking it after a couple of days, and the cat couldn’t have cared less. Now and again, the cat eats and throws up a few geranium leaves, so if I don’t clean it up right away it does seem to “strip” the oil from the wood (not sure how) but all I do is drizzle a tiny bit of safflower oil on it, and the mark is gone within a day (see photograph above).

By the way, while we’re on the subject of floors, I wanted to mention a couple of other flooring projects that I have also done in my own home. These were definitely DIY worthy, made a big difference …. and took no special skills (or tools) whatsoever. Removing Wall-to-Wall Carpet It sounds daunting, but all it really took was time (a lot – almost a month for me to do the entire downstairs by myself) and a bit of planning. Wearing goggles sounded ridiculous at first, but carpet tacks, staples and dust can be unpredictable and fly in all different directions, so I really would recommend them. For more detailed information on how to properly remove wall-to-wall carpet, go here.

Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles If your floor is not too high (I think they can have up to three layers) installing these over your existing floor is really easy. I did my kitchen floor, with the peel and stick type, and you don’t have to be a math wizard (or a flooring expert) just be sure to start in the middle and work out from there. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what to do.

Painting your Floor I painted a picture of a rug in my daughter’s room (on a hardwood floor) with water-based acrylic craft paint over fifteen years ago, and while we loved it at the time, when we went to remove it, we couldn’t. It will take a good sanding and proper refinishing, so although it was an easy project I recommend that you do this with a bit of caution (as it might be more permanent than you would like).

For a few more DIY flooring fixes, check out this article from Apartment Therapy.

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