Closet Confessions

With the Winter, comes my slight addiction to Ebay shopping. It arrives in the form of clothes, and I can easily justify buying several tops, or a cute dress, if I am paying no more than the price of a cup of coffee and a muffin for each. Never mind that I don’t usually buy a cup of coffee and a muffin, but if I wanted to, I would imagine that it would cost no more than paying for an inexpensive dress on Ebay – which means that I am actually saving money, and is completely ju

The Exit Strategy

They estimate that 1 in 10 Americans own a storage locker, and that at least 2 out of every 10 lockers will become abandoned and unclaimed. Apparently, we spend a tremendous amount of time and money storing things, and the older I get the less I understand why; it is frightful to me how much I have stored in my own basement, and on more than one occasion I have gone to look for something, only to find that it has been nibbled on by mice or become more than a little damp and d

Easy Organizing

Did you know that my birthday is almost the same day as Martha Stewart’s? Hmmm….maybe that is why I label everything in my freezer, and have a cracked flowerpot in my fridge to hold the garlic. To me, being organized sounds like a lot of work, and it gives off an expectation of being perfect, so, I prefer to call it something else. Not sure what, but I will let you know when I think of it. Anyway, the more I can do ahead of time, the better I feel, and the more time I have to

Summer Classes

Sometimes, it’s good to go back to the basics… I find, that when I organize the everyday things, it makes the rest of my life so much easier. So, I decided to do a few classes on saving time, getting organized, and how to tackle those chores that we may not like, but still have to deal with.   Join me at home, for a couple of hours, some iced tea, and lots of great ideas. For more by Wendy and the Blue Giraffe, go to: #InteriorDesignClasses

What’s in your Cupboard?

Years ago, I asked a friend for a phone number, and she immediately opened her kitchen cupboard. Inside, was what appeared, to me, to be a giant mess of business cards and notes. Not wanting to be rude (but wondering if she was a little disorganized) I asked why she had them all in her cupboard; I was used to seeing nice, empty wooden doors, not ones littered with phone numbers and pieces of tape. But, when she explained, it was one of those crazy light bulb moments, and I to

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