The Teenage Bedroom

One of my favorite rooms to redo, is one for a teen. I love finding out what they want, and what is really important to them. Their initial response is often “I don’t know”, which is quickly followed by a flurry of ideas from the parent, and a lot of arm nudging and eye rolling from the teen. After a few moments, it all slows down, and the talking becomes easier. A few questions gets them interested, and they realize that this could almost be fun (and, let’s face it, they wou

A Makeover and a Gift

All the parenting books in the world, can’t prepare you for being a Mom. It is indefinable, confusing, simple, difficult and beyond wonderful. They say it goes quickly, and it does; before we know it, they are suddenly their own little beings, trying to decide what to do, then running off to throw themselves head first into a new adventure. In between the chaos, we try to remember what it was like, and we adjust to our new normal – we feel almost redundant, but secretly know

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